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Lightsoutat9 is a community for you to roleplay as your favorite celebrity in a Juvenile Detention Center for troubled teenagers.

Community Rules:

1.Read through all of the rules or else we won't let you join.

2.Pick ANY celebrity as long as they aren't already in use and make a livejournal account for them and an AIM screen name. The reason for the AIM screen name is we want you to be in contact with other characters. Make the screennames have atleast something to do with whoever you are roleplaying as. (ex. If you are roleplaying as Bam Margera you could make your AIM sn xBxAxMx and your livejournal screen name VivaLaBammy or something like that.) The location of the Detention Center is in LA, California.

3.The reason as to why your character is going to this Juvenile Detention Center is completely up to you. Be creative and let your imaganative juices flow. We're not to picky when it comes to why they are there but at least use your brain a little. Also remember that these celebrities aren't celebs yet...they are teenagers. So don't put anything about them being in a movie, making an album, or being in a band....unless it's a garage band.

4. You can roleplay as up to two characters just as long as you are an active member. The reason for two is what fun would it be if there was a community with alot of characters all run by the same people? It wouldn't be fun. So 1-2 characters is the limit.

5.Please have pictures, background information, ect. about your character. Making up somethings is ok, just as long as you know the correct spelling of his/her name, some info on him/her, and some pictures small enough to use as your icon.

6.When you first join, make an opening entry. By that, I don't mean a friends only banner...I mean an entry explaining why this character was placed in this detention center and whatever else you might want to put about him/her. If you want to put a friends only banner after you put all of that then you can put it in the same entry.

7. When you post in the community, put "The DOOM Song" in the subject line and for the accual entry put:

Character's Name:



AIM Screen Name:


We like a mixture of homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual people so don't just put homosexual on everything. That make the community more interesting if we have a mixture of all three.

For the age, put anywhere from 15-18. The grade being anywhere from 9th-12th.

8. Don't argue with mods.

9. If you want to say something OOC(out of character) use [[brackets]].

10. Read ALL of the Detention Center's rules and regulations posted here: lightsout_guard ... and remember, some of those rules were meant to be broken.

11. HAVE FUN!!! : D


Benji Madden bloodybenji (mod)

Joel Madden sickboyxmadden (mod)

Billie Joe Armstrong _billie_joe_xxx


Frankie Iero